“Gántl Xúnts”

“Gántl Xúnts” (or “Sea Wolf”) is the Teams 14.6m Cape-class motor life boat.

The 14.6m Cape-class motor life boat (MLB) design combines many technological innovations. Its lightweight, rugged marine grade aluminum hull can withstand impacts from 20-foot breaking waves at three times the force of gravity. It’s fast, it can transit in excess of 25 knots.  The MLB design has an inherent self-righting capability. When pitch-poled or rolled into swells, it will self-right in less than 10 seconds – with all machinery remaining fully operational.

The MLB operates with a crew of four and accommodates up to five passengers. For maximum safety, visibility and efficiency, the boat’s four operator’s stations can be controlled from port or starboard from either an open bridge position or from inside the enclosed bridge.
The open bridge allows for superior visibility to negotiate obstacles and to enhance safety during close recovery of persons in the water. The enclosed bridge aids operator performance by providing a protected, climate-controlled watertight compartment for use during transit and allows the operator and crew to remain protected from fatigue caused by inclement weather.  The enclosed watertight survivor’s compartment is also climate-controlled and offers critical temperature adjustments and an environment for medical aid for survivors who may have been injured or submerged in icy waters.

"Gántl Xúnts"

Type: Monohull
Displacement: 18 tons
Length: 14.6m
Beam: 4.27m
Draught: 1.37m
Construction: Marine grade aluminum

Towing Capacity: 100 tons
Complement: 4 crew, 5 passengers

"Sea Wolf"


Maximum Speed: 25 knots
Cruising Speed: 22 knots
Maximum Wind: 50 knots
Breaking Surf: 20 feet
Self-Righting Capability Rollover in under 10 seconds

1 x machine gun

Cape-class motor life boat

The following gear is stored on board:

  • AN/TVS-5 Binoculars
  • HK/FABARM FP6A1 Marine Shotgun (2)
  • Portable Backpack Radio (?)
  • Large Medical Bag
  • Axe
  • Sledge hammer
  • Boat hook (2)
  • Shovel
  • Prybar
  • Fire extinguisher (2)
  • Ration Packs (2)
  • Trade Pack (2)
  • 50m Rope (3)
  • Wetsuit (3)
  • Dry suit (2)
  • Dive gear; mask, snorkel, BCD, weight belt, etc.. (4)
  • Scuba tank (8)

Stored Small Arms Ammunition:

  • 4.6 × 30mm (500/cs) (3 cases)
  • .45 ACP (500/cs) (1 case)
  • 5.56 × 45mm (500/cs) (1 case)
  • 12 gauge (3 cases)

~ by Kalam Harkair on February 15, 2010.

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