Morrow Project North

Main Mission Briefing:
In 1962 a mysterious man known by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered nine of the country’s leading industrialists into an organization know as the Council of Tomorrow. He seemed to have possessed the ability to transport himself and some small amount of nearby matter into or out of the future. Building a convincing argument from the future, he and the council structured an organization dedicated to the continued survival of the human race beyond the point of destruction.

This organization brought forth the concept of The Morrow Project; an ambitious plan to cryogenically freeze special teams and equipment to aid in the reconstruction of the U.S. after the fall of civilization. For many years the Project secretly stored their teams to await the proper time for re-awakening.

The Morrow Project could not prevent the coming catastrophe, nor did they have the resources to help everyone immediately.  It was possible to help with the rebuilding, but even this was a massive undertaking. Plan became action and over the years many well-trained teams were cryogenically frozen in hidden bunkers to emerge at the time when their resources and help could do the most good.

Intended to be part of an organized plan to rebuild North America, your team has a 3 to 5 year post catastrophe expected wake-up call. Your team must rely on their ingenuity, training and each other to carry out the general orders of the project:

  1. Assist the population in rebuilding America whenever possible.
  2. Reunite with the bulk of the Morrow Project forces.
  3. Survive!

Morrow Project North Background:
It was an incredibly cooperative enterprise, known to the Council of Tomorrow, that saw a Morrow Project Recon Team boltholed on central Vancouver Island in a remote area of Strathcona Provincial Park.

Between Bruce Edward Morrow and a unknown Canadian industrialist the Myra Falls Operation of Boliden-Westmin Resources Ltd. (Breakwater Resources Ltd.) was bought out and transformed into a Morrow Project Facility.  The mine site is 90 km southwest of Campbell River tucked into the mountainous landscape of Strathcona Provincial Park in central Vancouver Island. The mine shaft starts at an elevation of about 2000 feet, but the lower working levels of the mine are below sea level.

The mine operation was temporarily shut down after the initial acquisition and went through a major ‘upgrade and retrofit’ after which the site became operational again, although only for a short period.  Mr. Morrow and the Canadian industrialist staged a bankruptcy and shut the mine down for good.

Under the guise of “Environmental Health and Mine Safety Inspections” the bolthole received a number of equipment upgrades before the start of WWIII.  Much of the equipment and gear, with the help of the unknown Canadian, came from Germany and the UK.

And thus was born Recon Team BC-R-01 code named “Task Force Yáahl”

12 Responses to “Morrow Project North”

  1. Hi,
    Just checking out the page, saw that you linked to my site. Looking good, nice to see my neighbors to the north enjoy surviving the apocalypse also :). Are you going to post game logs here as well? If so I’ll be sure to follow along, I love a good story.

  2. Hey its great that you are putting your site up! Sharing Ideas about MP campaigns is a great way to share info!

    Look foward to reading info!

  3. Love the site.

  4. Is this an open game for people to join?
    can you let me know please

  5. Interesting ideas here, but I’m wondering… Is a H&K facility up there of which I am unaware?
    I don’t mean to offend, but it seems like a team in Canada would be better off using Diemaco/Colt Canada C-7s, C-8s and LSWs, perhaps with a few PDWs thrown in, and the Eagle 40mm Grenade Launcher for support. This way, they would share parts commonality with local forces, and in the majority, with each other, and possibly have access to local manufacturing and parts. Para-Ordnance pistols could be issued for sidearms, and locally available shotguns and other support weapons for specialty loads. Someone more conversant with Canadian weapons could probably give some ideas…

    • No other reason than I truly like the H&K weaponry and wanted to incorporate it in my game : )

    • The browning hi power is the issue sidearm of the Canadian Army. MP-5s are common with both military and law enforcement. Most of the small arms in use by the Canadian Forces are versions of small arms in American service. The M-240,M-249,M-203,M-67 are all in use .

  6. Same here. I actually set up a group that had found a cache of pre-war H&K weapons someone had stashed in the New Mexico desert. They had their own manufacturing facilities, and so started turning out home-built versions of the weapons. All are from the 1970’s and 80’s, however, as I run my Project according to the original timeline. Glad to see others out there still playing one of my favorite games.

  7. Hey gang,

    The Morrow Project 4th Edition is up on Kickstarter now. Come and help bring this classic up to date with the new edition.


  8. I have to ask though, why the RG-34 ? I can understand wanting to use the HK weapons, but why issue a pre-WW 2 Czech hand grenade? The M-67 or M-68 are more modern ,more effective, and the M-67 is CF issue.

  9. In what IRL city is your gaming group?

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