Myra Falls Facility

The Myra Falls Facility is located in what was a provincial park in central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Facility is linked by an asphalt road to the port of Campbell River, 90 kilometres away.

At the time of the Morrow Project buy out there had been over 100 years of mineral exploration activity in central Vancouver Island and over three decades of active mining at Myra Falls.

Active mining had been carried out at Myra Falls since 1966 starting with the Lynx open pit and underground operations, followed in 1969 with the Myra mine. In 1979, the H-W massive sulphide deposit was discovered prompting the installation of new infrastructure and an expansion of the milling facilities to 2,700 tonnes per day. This was later increased to 3,650 tonnes per day. In 1991, the Battle and Gap deposits were discovered. The Lynx underground mine closed in 1993. In 1995, the Marshall deposit was discovered. In 1996, mining in the Battle-Gap zone commenced.

Myra Falls Video.wmv

Boliden Limited acquired the Myra Falls operation in January 1998. In July 2004, Breakwater Resources Ltd. purchased all the outstanding shares of Boliden Westmin (Canada) Limited from Boliden Limited and then Bruce Edward Morrow and the Canadian industrialist bought it out a couple years after that.

For a more detail description of the MP Facility click here: Myra Falls Facility

Myra Falls Facility

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