Cache BC-R-01/EQ-02

Small Arms & Support Weapon Ammunition (Cases)


4.6 × 30mm (500/cs) 4
.45 ACP (500/cs) 2
5.56 × 45mm (500/cs) 4
7.62 x 51mm (500/cs) 4
7.62 mm Linked 5
25 x 137mm APDS-T 3
.50 cal 3
.50 cal belted 6
40 mm belted (HEDP) 6

12-Gauge Ammunition (Cases)


00 Magnum Buckshot 3
Thunderflash 1
Starflash Muzzle
Shok Lock

40mm Grenades (Cases)


M433 HEDP 2
M435 WP 1
M439 WP Air
M397 HE Air
M381 HE 1
M576A2 MP
M679 Green Smoke Grenades
M682 Red Smoke Grenades
M680 White Smoke Grenades 1
M701 Violet Smoke Streamer 1
M696 Yellow Smoke Streamer
M659 Red Para Smoke
M583 White Para Flare
M257 Smoke Grenades 2
M257 Anti-Pers Grenades 2



HK G36 2
HK AG36 1
HK Mark 23 1
HK MSG90A1 1
HK/Benelli M1014 Combat Shotgun
HK/FABARM FP6A1 Marine Shotgun 1
HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) 1
Rheinmetall MG 3
.50 cal Machine Gun

Explosives (Cases)


M33 Frag 2
M34 WP 2
AN-M14 TH3
Mk 3A2 TNT
Mk1 Flare 1
M25 AP Mine
M16A2 AP Mine 1
M18A1 Claymore
M183 Demo Pack 2
Primercord 1
M2A1 Detonator
M1 Timer Detonator
M700 Time Fuse
M7 Blasting Caps
M112-C4 1
Demo Kit Electrical
Demo Kit Non-Electrical

Miscellaneous Equipment


Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), Woodland 8
Boots, Combat, Black, w/armored soles (pair) 8
M65 Combat Jacket, Woodland, w/Liner 8
M1 CBR Kit
Cold Weather Kits
Mountain Climbing Kit 2
Ration Pack 8
AN/PRC-68 4
AN/PPS-5 1
M931 Ranging Nightscope
LPR-104 Mk V
M9823 Starlight Scope 1
Telescopic Sight
Undershirt, Olive Drab 16
Underwear, Olive Drab 16
Wool Socks, Grey (pair) 16
Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, Woodland (1 set, Jacket and Pants) 8
Field Cap, Ranger, Woodland 8
Sweater, Olive Drab 8
Belt, Nylon, Green w/Fastex Buckle 8
Long Johns, Olive Drab (pair) 8
Gloves, Combat, Inner & Outer (pair) 8
Sun/Wind/Dust Goggles, OD Frame w/Clear and Smoked Lenses 4
Compass w/Compass Carrier 2
Rope, 50 m, Nylon, Olive Drab
PASGT Flak Vest 2
PASGT Helmet 2
MOLLE Core Rifleman Configuration (1 set)
MOLLE Medic Bag – “Mike Bag” 1
M258 Individual Decontamination Kit 4
String, 100 m, Cotton, Olive Drab 1
Carabineer, Locking “D”, Black 8
Cleaning Kit, Weapons, Universal 8
Lighter, Disposable 3
Flashlight, Crookneck, Olive Drab 4
Box (50), Matches, Wind & Rain Proof 8
Ground Sheet, Woodland
Poncho Liner, Thinsulate, Woodland 2
Sleeping Bag, w/ Outer, Inner, Hood & Liner, Olive Drab 2
Bivouac, Sleeping Bag Cover, Gore-Tex, Woodland 2
Mosquito Net, Olive Drab 4
Bedroll, Self Inflating, Olive Drab 2
Toilet Kit, Basic 8
Standard MP Medkit 8
Large Medkit 1
Universal Anti-Dote 6
Drug Kit
Surgical Kit 1
Metalworking kit 1
Salvage Kit
Electric Chainsaw 1
Electronic Repair Kit
Gunsmith Kit
OD Tarps
Camnet 1
Cam Paint Bags (Mixed) 10
Fire Extinguisher
100 L of Water 1
Vehicle Crew Helmet
OD Tent 1
Map Chips (New)
Comms Chips (Sat Loc.)
Vehicular Parts *
Metal Stock *
Electronic Parts *
Vehicular (*) = spare vehicular parts for the Fennek ARV.
Metal Stock (*) = rolls of copper wire, sheet steel, etc.
Electronic Parts (*) = circuit boards, resistors, diodes, etc.

~ by Kalam Harkair on January 22, 2010.

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