General Skills

Below is a list of General Skills and their relevant ability.  This list is by no means conclusive.  The latest General Skills chart is on the MP Character Sheet or if you don’t see the skill you want please let the PD know.

Acrobatics (Dex)
Ability to perform acrobatic maneuvers.

Boat handling (Int)
The ability to operate boats of sizes from the smallest up to a 20’ Yacht without needing a roll except under harsh conditions.

Booby-Traps (Int)
The ability to set and disarm booby traps.  This also gives you a +5% bonus to your Perception roll when searching for booby-traps.

Camouflage (Int)
The ability to hide your person and equipment through the use of surrounding materials and face paint.  This roll will dictate how good of a job you did.  This will be a modifier against the enemies Perception roll when looking for the camouflaged item.

Climb (Str)
Ability to pick out the proper route to climb sheer surfaces and to find handholds where none are apparent.

Communications (Int)
The ability to utilize radios to communicate with other individuals.  This skill allows you to gain the best transmitting range and receiver sensitivity from your radio.

Computer Programming (Int)
The ability to program computers in multiple languages.  This skill also gives the individual a chance to hack into a computer to search for information or to install viruses.

Cooking (Int)
The ability to take raw meat, vegetables, and other ingredients and prepare them for consumption.  The roll is only used when trying to cook something new and make it so it will not get others sick.

Cryptography (Int)
The ability to create and break cyphers used in encrypting messages.  This skill can also be used to devise cypher keys for the radios used by the teams.

Demolitions (Int)
The ability to set explosive charges to destroy structures or vehicles. Also the ability to place or locate, remove, and disarm mines.

Disguise (Cha)
Ability to mask ones one features to blend in with others and go unnoticed.

Drive MPV (Int)
The ability to understand, fully, the operational aspects of all Morrow Project Vehicles.  All MPV’s have the same basic operating principles and just vary slightly as to handling.

Drive, Tracked (Int)
The ability to drive vehicles that use an inter-linked track as their mode of propelling a vehicle.  This can include anything from a bulldozer to an M1 Tank.

Drive, Wheeled (Int)
The ability to drive wheeled vehicles of all types from a motorcycle up to the monster construction vehicles.

First Aid (Int)
The ability to render immediate medical assistance to an injured person.  This roll will determine whether the person was able to stop bleeding, splint a fracture, or just keep a person alive until more qualified medical personnel arrive.

Fishing (Int)
The knowledge of using a pole with thin line and hood attached, or a net to catch fish.  This includes the knowledge of what type of fish to find in certain areas, their normal hiding places, and what type of bait is best used to attract them.

Foraging (Per)
Ability to find known edible plants, vegetables, and animals.

Forgery (Int)
The ability to take an original document and create a duplicate that looks close enough to the original to be mistaken for it.  The better the individual rolls on this increases the difficulty for the person trying to see if it is a fake.

Forward Observer (Int)
The knowledge on how to direct incoming indirect fire.  This knowledge will be used to call in the grid coordinates of the intended target and any adjustments to the fire to cause the next rounds to land on target and stay on target.  Also includes the knowledge of what type round would do the most damage to the target.

General MP Knowledge (Int)
This skill represents how much knowledge the character knows about the Morrow Project.

Gunsmith (Int)
The ability to repair minor damage to damaged weapons as long as the parts and tools are available.  This skill also gives the individual the ability to try to manufacture some weapons given the materials and tools needed.

Hide (Int)
The ability to blend in with the surrounding terrain.  This is the ability to bend into the shadows or trees so that you will not be seen.  A successful camouflage roll, for the area you are in, will increase your chances by +5% of successfully hiding.

Hunting (Int)
The knowledge of animal habits, good spots for hunting blinds, and best time of the year to find animals.  Good for locating animal sign when used in conjunction with perception and tracking.

Instruction ((Int + Cha)/2)
Ability to teach others skills known by the individual.  This skill combined with another skill gives an individual a chance to train somebody on that second skill.  If the instruction roll is successful then the student increases in the skill as per an increase roll for a skill successfully used.

Interrogation (Int)
The ability to question personnel in such a way as to garner any knowledge that they may have that would be of use to you.

Jump (Str)
Ability to and land on target as long as it is within strength/2 in meters distance with a running start and strength/4 in meters from a standing jump.

Laboratory Techniques (Int)
The knowledge of how to use laboratory equipment and how to obtain information from laboratory experimentation.

Listen (Per)
Ability to hear low noises when concentrating to hear them.

Lock-Picking (Int)
The knowledge on how locks work and how to open them given the proper tools.

Map Making/Reading ((Int + Per)/2)
The knowledge on how to create topographical maps from observation and satellite images.  And also how to read them to assist in navigating from one point to another in a given area.

Metallurgy (Int)
The knowledge on all forms of metals and the processes needed to produce them.  Given the proper tools and materials the person with this skill could produce the desired metal stock.

Meteorology (Int)
The knowledge on interpreting data gained from weather instruments to be able to predict things such as the chance of precipitation, temperatures, humidity, etc.

Mountaineering (Int)
The knowledge on equipment required for extended travels in mountainous terrain and the ability to choose the best possible routes through the mountains.

Move silently (Dex)
Ability to move through terrain while causing the least amount of noise as possible.

Oratory ((Int _Cha)/2)
The ability to talk to people in a concise manner that is easily understood.  The ability to let ones position known without making it appear to be endangering to others.

Parachuting (Int)
The knowledge on the proper procedures for using a parachute as a means to egress from an aircraft.  This includes static line, and free fall, and also the use of standard chutes and the wing style.

Pilot, Jet ((Int + Dex)/2)
The ability to pilot jet aircraft.  No roll would be needed during normal flight but if any kind of maneuver were to be performed, such as taking off, landing, or combat maneuvers, a roll would be needed.

Pilot, Prop ((Int + Dex)/2)
The ability to pilot propeller driven aircraft.  As with Pilot Jet no roll would be needed unless some kind of maneuver were being performed.

Pilot, Rotary Wing ((Int + Dex)/2)
The ability to pilot helicopters.  This one is a little bit more difficult than piloting a jet.  Even what would seem to be normal maneuvers require a roll as to the intricacies of keeping a helicopter flying.

Pilot, VTOL ((Int + Dex)/2)
The ability to pilot Jet aircraft that have the ability to perform Vertical Take-Off and Landing, i.e. Harrier Jump Jet.  This one is like the piloting a jet except when it comes to landing using the VTOL capabilities where it becomes more difficult.  Inc

Reconnaissance (Int)
The reconnaissance skill consists of determining troop strength and location. The term troop strength applies to tanks, aircraft and other types of vehicles. A failed skill roll can result in an over or under estimation of troop strength and/or size.

Repair, Computers (Int)
The ability to diagnose computer problems and fix them given the materials needed.

Repair, Electrical (Int)
The ability to diagnose electrical problems and fix them given the materials needed.  This includes vehicular electrical wiring and electronics of any kind.

Repair, Mechanical (Int)
The ability to diagnose mechanical problems and fix them given the materials needed.  This mainly pertains to vehicular problems but can include anything of a mechanical nature.

Repair, MP Computers (Int)
The ability to diagnose problems within the Morrow Project computers and fix them given the materials needed.

Research Techniques (Int)
This is the skill of how to extract and correlate information from various sources, also the ability to document the evidence.

Ride Horse (Dex)
Ability to ride horses and control them to have them do what you want as long as it is within their realm of possibility.

Run ((Str + Con)/2)
Ability to run for long distances.  A successful roll will allow a person to extend his running to twice his endurance before having to stop due to exhaustion.  Can also Sprint for distances equal to 1½ times their run distance for a number of turns equal to their Constitution divided by three.

Scrounge (Cha)
The ability to find needed items in the least likely areas.

SCUBA – Basic Open Water (Int)
The knowledge of the use and care of Self Contained Under-Water Breathing Apparatus equipment.  It also is the knowledge of all the rules pertaining to underwater operations such as maximum time allowable under water, speed for ascending back to the surface, etc…

SCUBA – Advanced Diver (Int)
An Advanced Diver has the practical experience to safely explore underwater in varying conditions and environments. Includes night, deep, wreck, navigation and naturalist training and dives. A minimum of 50% in
SCUBA – Basic Open Water is a prerequisite.

SCUBA – Master Diver (Int)
A Master Diver is a skilled rescue diver that has also acquired certification in computer diver, marine biology, fish-ID, and underwater photography on top of holding a track record of several open water dives in their logbook.  A minimum of 50% in SCUBA – Advanced Diver is a prerequisite.

Security Systems (Int)
The knowledge of how Security Systems work and how to bypass them if needed.

Skiing ((Str + Con)/2)
Ability to ski down average slopes with no roll needed.  When skiing down more advanced slopes then role for incidents.

Streetwise (Cha)
The ability to interact with the common person on the streets. Being able to feel out a crowd and gain knowledge without causing a scene or disturbance.

Swim ((Str + Con)/2)
Ability to swim normally with no roll needed.  When trying to swim extended distances roll to see when they tire.

Tactics (Int)
The knowledge on using terrain and assets to the best advantage to meet the present threat with the least amount of danger to your own forces.  This would include knowledge of good ambush locations, defensive layouts, etc.

Tannery (Int)
The knowledge on the proper procedure for curing animal hides to insure that they will be useful and not deteriorate after time. Also has a good knowledge on how to form the hides into useable clothing.

Tracking (Per)
Ability to notice and follow tracks and spore left behind by animals or humans.

Tracking Modifiers

Terrain Modifiers (use only one)

  • Fresh snow (clearly outlined footprints) +30%
  • Soft or muddy ground, loose dirt floor (good impressions of prints, but not as defined as fresh snow) +20%
  • Thick brush, dense jungle (broken branches, crushed weeds) +15%
  • Forests, fields, dusty indoor area (occasional marks of passage) +10%
  • Normal ground, wood floor, plains with sparse vegetation (infrequent marks of passage) +/- 0%
  • Desert, dry sand -10%
  • Swamp (spongy surface but little mud for prints, much vegetation) -25%
  • Rocky terrain, solid ice, stone floors, shallow water (prohibits all but the most minute signs of passage) -50%

Illumination Modifiers (use only one)

  • Good illumination, sunny day; continual light or equivalent indoors +/- 0%
  • Twilight, light fog, snow, torch or flashlight in dark interior of building -15%
  • Night with full moon, day with moderate fog -30%
  • Overcast night with no moon, dense fog, blizzard, blowing sand -50%

Special Modifiers (use all applicable)

  • Every two creatures in group being tracked +5%
  • Each additional tracker assisting (use the score of the best tracker) +5%
  • Every 12 hours since trail was made -5%
  • Every hour of rain, snow, or sleet since trail was made -25%
  • Creature being tracked attempts to hide trail (covering footprints, detouring into stream, passing through secret door) -25%
  • Hurried pace – normal (tracker) -10%
  • Tracking pace – 3/4 normal (tracker) +/- 0%
  • Slower pace –  1/2 normal (tracker) +5%
  • Slower pace –  1/4 normal (tracker) +10%

Treat Disease (Int)
The knowledge on identifying known diseases, at the time of freezing, and the process, if any, for treating them.  Treating the disease is dependent on whether the drug is available or can be created.

Treat Poison (Int)
The knowledge on identifying the symptoms caused by poisoning of all known poisons, at the time of freezing, and how to treat them.  This includes the knowledge on what antidote is needed and how to make the antidote.  This does not mean they can treat them unless they have the proper antidote available or the materials needed to make the antidote.

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