Character Background, History & Personal Data

Character Background & History:
It is now when you will plan out and document your characters pre-war life which will include their education and all military and civilian employment.  Make sure that you describe any combat experience, special units, or civilian clubs or groups that they may have been assigned or attached to.

Your character’s background and history can be a reflection of your real life self or something totally fictional.  Before moving forward with your character please consult with your PD to discuss what direction you’d like to go with this.

Personal Data

All other personal data like height, weight, handedness, hair and eye color is up to your own discretion.  The only contradiction to this is if you want your character to be ambidextrous.  If this is what you want then please let the PD know.

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~ by Kalam Harkair on February 23, 2010.

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