Primary & Secondary Attributes

In the Morrow Project the character takes shape through eight primary attributes, these are:

  1. Strength – This value determines the relative physical prowess of a character.  It is used in finding how much damage he/she can accumulate before incapacitation or death.  It is also used to determine how much equipment can be carried without being encumbered.
  2. Constitution – This value determines the resistance to disease and radiation, as well as the seriousness of a physical wound and the amount of blood that can be lost.
  3. Dexterity – This value will tell if a character can use more than one piece of equipment at a time, how proficient they are at individual combat, and how many actions can be taken during a combat turn.
  4. Intelligence – This value is used to express how quickly, or slowly, a character can grasp and learn from a new situation or experience.  This can also be used to aid PD’s in handling situations where players do not have actual knowledge of the skills that their characters possess.  This will allow the PD’s to give out information that they feel the character would be able to ascertain based on the roll of the die.
  5. Charisma – This is a measure of the relative attractiveness of a character, both physical and mental.  It is used most often in determining the reaction between characters and NPC’s.
  6. Psionics – This is a relative measurement of the Psionic potential of your character.  This potential is converted into a possibility of your character possessing some form of ESP powers.
  7. Luck – This attribute is a measure of the characters good fortune.  It will allow a character a chance of being able to do some things that might be considered impossible by others.  It is also a way to save a character from sure death in those life and death situations.
  8. Perception – This attribute is a measure of the characters ability to notice small things, movements, or noises that might normally go undetected.  This attribute will also be used when actively looking for something.

These abilities each have a value ranging from 0 to 20 and there are two options for generating the values for these abilities.

Option 1:
Roll 4d6-4 eight times, re-rolling any 1’s, and apply the numbers how ever you like.

Option 2:
All the abilities start with a value of 9 and a player is then allowed 40 points to spend on increasing his or her characters abilities.  The chart below shows how many points are needed to obtain a statistic of a certain value.

Value Wanted Cost























After the characters primary attributes have been finalized their  secondary (or derived) attributes can be determined. The secondary attributes are Movement, Endurance, Structure Points, Blood Points and Blood Type.  There are also some other secondary statistics that must be determined, these are Encumbrance and Thrown Weapon Ranges.


This attribute is based off a characters Dexterity

Dexterity of 0 to 4 = 1 Movement point
Dexterity of 5 to 8 = 2 Movement point
Dexterity of 9 to 13 = 3 Movement point
Dexterity of 14 to 18 = 4 Movement point
Dexterity of 19 to 20 = 5 Movement point


Equals the characters Constitution x Dexterity

Structure points:

Equals the characters Strength x Constitution + 100

Blood points:

Equals the characters Strength x Constitution + 100

Blood Type & Rh Factor:

Is randomly determined using the following percentile tables.

01 to 44 = O
45 to 84 = A
85 to 99 = B
100 = AB

Rh Value
01 to 89 = + (positive)
90 to 100 = – (negative)


The maximum encumbrance for a character without loosing action points is 3.5kg x Strength, for each additional 0.5kg multiple above that limit the character looses one action point and gains an additional point of fatigue for each action.

Thrown Weapon Ranges:

Every thrown weapon from a knife to a grenade has an aerodynamic rating from A to D. The rating denotes a multiplier that combined with strength gives a maximum distance in meters.

A = 4m per Strength point (M26A1, M7A3 CS, M9A1 BZ, MK3A2)
B = 3.5m per Strength point (M6 CN-DM, M112 C4, Small throwing knives)
C = 3m per Strength point (AN-M8 HC, M34 WP, KCB-70)
D = 2.5m per Strength point (AN-M14 TH3, Morrow Assault Blade)

Continue on to…   Blood Point & Structure Point Breakdown

~ by Kalam Harkair on February 22, 2010.

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