Blood Point & Structure Point Breakdown

Blood points – Is a representation of how much blood there is in the characters body.

Structure points – Shows how much damage a character can receive before incapacitation of the effected area.

The value of the Structure and Blood points are the same when first created.  These values will change as the character takes damage and bleeds, so the values will not always be the same.  After rest and medical attention these values can be brought back up to the level they initially started at.  The formula listed below shows how to calculate your Structure and Blood points.

(Strength x Constitution) + 100 = SP/BP

Once this value is figured the Structure points and the Blood points should be tracked separately.  Division of the Structure Point value over the body allows for more realism in that specific areas can take only so much damage and still function.  The chart below shows how to calculate the values for each specific area.  To figure the Structure points for each location multiply the decimal equivalent by the total Structure points and then round off to the nearest whole number (.5 and blow goes down and .6 and above goes up).

Body Part Percentage Decimal Equivalent
Torso 38% 0.38
Leg (each) 19% 0.19
Thigh 8% 0.08
Calf 5% 0.05
Foot 4% 0.04
Hip Joint, Knee, Ankle 1% 0.01
Arm (each) 9% 0.09
Upper Arm 2% 0.02
Lower Arm 2% 0.02
Shoulder Joint, Hand, Elbow, Wrist 1% 0.01
Head 6% 0.06

Structure Point Location Breakdown

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~ by Kalam Harkair on February 22, 2010.

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