HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun)


The HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) is a combat-proven belt-fed automatic grenade launcher that fires high impulse 40mm (40 x 53 mm) grenades in a variety of applications. The HK GMG can be transported in a “backpack” configuration by a two-man team and can also be mounted on a vehicle or helicopter. Its excellent accuracy, operator convertible feed direction, removable barrel, night fighting capability, and unmatched safety features make the HK GMG an effective fire support system.

MP 4th Edition statistics
CAL: 40mmx53
MUZZLE VEL: 241m/s
WT (EMPTY): 29kg
BARREL: 476mm
LENGTH: 1180mm
EFF. RNG: 1500m
MAX. RNG: 2200m
TYPE OF FIRE: Recoil operated blowback, semi-automatic, fully automatic
RATE OF FIRE: 350 rounds/min
FEED DEVICE: 32 rd disintegrating, closed-link belt

*Tripod weight (with cradle soft mount): 19.5kg
*Fennek upper (Softmount) for GMG: 15kg

The HK GMG upper mount (gun cradle) readily mounts to standard U.S. tripods, various vehicle mounts, or the lightweight, adjustable HK aluminum tripod. The HK tripod provides low-to-high height position settings as well as provisions for the use of a ballast sack to reduce tripod movement during firing from the high standing position, as when firing from behind cover such as a wall or berm.

The upper mount also provides a wider, more stable set of control grips with ambidextrous firing levers and an adjustable shoulder support. This enables the operator to quickly index and accurately engage multiple and/or moving targets during free gun firing.

HK Grenade Machine Gun

~ by Kalam Harkair on February 4, 2010.

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