Heckler & Koch AG36

The AG36 is a 40 mm launcher made for use with the G36 weapon system. The “A” prefix is commonly mistaken as an addition to the name “G36,” but is an abbreviation of the German Anbaugranatwerfer, literally meaning “attached grenade launcher” and the 36 coming from the name of the weapon it was designed to enhance, the G36.

Heckler & Koch AG36

MP 4th Edition statistics
NAME Heckler & Koch AG36
CAL: 40 mm x 46
MUZZLE VEL: 76 m/s
WT (EMPTY): 1.5kg
BARREL: 280 mm
LENGTH: 348 mm
EFF. RNG: up to 400 m area targets; up to 150 m point targets
TYPE OF FIRE: Breech-loaded, tilting barrel
RATE OF FIRE: Single-shot
FEED DEVICE: Manually loaded

The AG36 can fire all standard low velocity 40 x 46 mm ammunition, including high explosive (HE), armour piercing (AP), irritant gas, smoke, less lethal, irritant gas, and illuminating rounds regardless of cartridge length. Its rifled 11-inch (279 mm) aluminum barrel ensures accuracy out to ranges of 400 meters and an ambidextrous safety lever and double-action only trigger ensure easy and safe handling.


~ by Kalam Harkair on January 22, 2010.

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