Morrow Project North MOLLE Medic Bag

The MOLLE Medic Bag system (“Mike Bag”) consists of a backpack, with a right and left detachable internal pockets, an IV Bandoleer, and 8 external pouches. Four of the pouches can attach to the backpack and 4 attach to the MOLLE vest.

MOLLE Medic Bag - "Mike Bag"

“Mike Bag” Contents:

  • Ammonia Inhalant Pads (12) (WT 0.03lbs)
  • Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Capsules USP 50 MG 100 Caps/BT (1) (WT 0.09lbs)
  • Atropine injection 0.7ML (10)
  • ANA-Guard (Epinephrine Injectable) (1) (WT 0.06lbs)
  • Ringers Injection Lactated 500ML (2) (WT 2.44lbs)
  • NaCI Inj. USP 0.9% 500ML Bag (2) (WT 2.44lbs)
  • Ringers Inj. Lactated USP 1000ML Bag (1) (WT 2.40lbs)
  • Dressing First Aid Field Camoflage 4”WX6.250-7 250” LG Absorbent Pleated (6) (WT 0.54lbs)
  • Bandage Elastic Coban Brown 3”X5YD (2) (WT 0.12lbs)
  • Bandage Muslin Compress Camouflage 37”X37”X52” (10) (WT 1.00lbs)
  • Dressing First Aid Field Camouflaged 11.5-12”W11.5-12”LG (2) (WT 0.62lbs)
  • Dressing First Aid Field Brown Camouflaged 7.75-8.25”LG 7.25-7.75”W (4) (WT 0.68lbs)
  • Pad Abdominal 5”X9” Sterile Individual Wrapped (4) (WT 0.04lbs)
  • Bandage Gauze 6 Ply 4.1YDX4.5” White Individual Wrapped Sterile (Kerlix) (6) (WT 0.54lbs)
  • Sponge Surgical Cellulose Cotton Gauze 4X4” Sterile Individual Sealed (6) (WT 0.06lbs)
  • Pad Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnated Nonwoven Cotton/Rayon 1.5-2.6X1.8-2” (1) (WT 0.05lbs)
  • Bandage Adhesive Flesh 3” X .75” (Bandaids)
  • Tape Adhesive Surgical Porous Woven Rayon 3”X10YDS (1) (WT 0.25lbs)
  • Bandage Elastic Rolled 4X4.5YDS (4) (WT 0.40lbs)
  • Splint Structural Aluminum Malleable (Gray) 4.5”X36” “SAM” (4) (WT 1.00lbs)
  • Dressing Burn 4X16IN Saturated W/Water Gel Individually Wrapped (5) (WT 1.15lbs)
  • Dressing Chest Wound Seal (4) (WT 0.01lbs)
  • Tube Endotracheal Murphy E12 W/Cuff 8.0MM ID 10.7MM Diameter 32CM LG Disposable (2) (WT 0.12lbs)
  • Thermometer Clinical Human Rectal Fahrenheit Scale Red Tip (2) (WT 0.12lbs)
  • Splint Finger Phalange 18X.75” Aluminum Alloy (3) (WT 0.12lbs)
  • Syringe Hypodermic GP 10-12 ML Cap Luer Slip W/O NDL Concentric Tip (1) (WT 0.10)
  • Scissors Bandage 7.25” Angle to HDL 1.5” Cut LG Blunt PTS CRS (2) (WT 0.26)
  • Airway Pharyngeal Berman Child Size (80mm) (1) (WT 0.03lbs)
  • Airway Pharyngeal Berman (100mm) (1) (WT 0.03lbs)
  • Tube Tracheal Radiopaque Murphy Disposable 7.5MM ID 9.3MM OD 32CM LG (1)
  • Sphygmomanometer Aneroid 300MM MAX Calibration W/Clip For Cuff (1) (WT 0.69lbs)
  • Case Sphygmomanometer (1) (WT 0.10lbs)
  • Intravenous Injection Set 12 Components Nonvented Sterile Disposable (3) (WT 0.21lbs)
  • Gloves Surgeons Gen. Surgical SZ 8 Rubber Prepow. Sterile Disposable (5) (WT 0.05lbs)
  • Airway Nasopharyngeal Robertazzi 30FR Oblique Tip (1) (WT 0.01lbs)
  • Stethoscope Combination Littman Classic II 28” LG Bell Diaphragm (1) (WT 0.28lbs)
  • Catheter and Needle Unit (I.V) 18ga.X1.25” W/NDL Guard Beveled Tip Disposable(005) (5) (WT 0.05lbs)
  • Catheter and Needle Unit (I.V) 14ga.X1.25″ Beveled Tip Radiopaque W/NDL Guard (5) (WT 0.05lbs)
  • Thermometer Clinical Human Rectal Subnormal Low Reading 86-100 Degree Fahrenheit (1) (WT 0.01lbs)
  • Tube Drainage Surgical Penrose 12X7/8X 0.011” Amber Rubber (3) (WT 0.03lbs)
  • Stylet Tracheal Tube 7.5-10MM Plastic Sterile Disposable (2) (WT 0.08lbs)
  • Laryngoscope Set (Includes: Handle, Pouch, (4) AAA Batteries, Miller#3, Macintosh#4 Blades (1) (WT 0.44lbs)
  • Surgical Instrument Set Minor Surgery (1) (WT 0.70lbs)
  • Pen Ball Point Retractable Medium Pt. Black (1) (WT 0.01lbs)
  • Bag Plastic 4IN X4 IN (100)
  • DD-1380 (20)
  • Skin Cleanser 60PCT Ethyl Alcohol No Rinsing 4 OZ/BT PLAS (1) (WT 0.26lbs)
  • Chemical Cold Pack Reusable “Dual Ice” (2) (WT 1.34lbs)
  • Basic Field Corpsman ENT Kit W/(4) AAA Batteries (1) (WT 0.40lbs)
  • Vortec Headlamp, W/(4) AA batteries (1) (WT 0.51lbs)
  • Red Lens for Vortec Headlamp (1) (WT 0.10lbs)
  • Cervical Collar, Adjustable (2) (WT 0.64lbs)

Total Weight: 26.51lbs (12.03kg)

~ by Kalam Harkair on January 20, 2010.

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