“Ska-ana Jáadaa”

“Ska-ana Jáadaa” (or “Lady Orca”) is the Teams Tradition 58 Long-Range Trawler

Tradition 58

Length Overall (LOA): 58’0″
Beam: 17’9″
Draft: 5’9″
Weight: 105,000 lbs.
Water Capacity: 320 gal.
Standard Power: PF-22 Large vehicle Fusion power unit
Top Speed: 15 knots
Cruise Speed: 9 knots
Construction: The boat’s hull and superstructure are constructed mainly from aluminum magnesium alloy.

Lower Deck

She’s a serious long-range, deep-ocean passagemaker with robust, reliable mechanical systems and all the amenities necessary for extended voyaging.  Her full-displacement hull form boasts transatlantic range. Standard equipment includes bow and stern thrusters and a Keypower 3500 get-home system for peace of mind. For comfort underway, she’s fitted with Trac-250 fin stabilizers as well as Soundown thermal and acoustic insulation. A full-length keel protects her dual running gear, while her hard-chine midsections provide natural, passive damping to reduce roll motions. The vessel is capable of operation in rough seas up to sea state 7. The hard chine hull features a transverse step and a transom flap. The bottom of the hull is equipped with stabilizing fins, which are controlled by electric servo drives.

Main Deck

2 Retractable MLG 25 Light Naval Gun System
1 – Mounted on the bow
1 – Mounted on the port/stern

“Ska-ana Jáadaa” is not a standard Tradition 58 it has been extensively customized.  The Morrow Project North project spared no expense to modify this unassuming vessel into the consummate armed and armoured long range reconnaissance craft that it is.

The following gear is stored on board:

  • Tender boat (4m Zodiac Cadet RIB 400)
  • AN/TVS-5 Binoculars
  • HK/FABARM FP6A1 Marine Shotgun (3)
  • Portable Backpack Radio (?)
  • Large Medical Bag
  • Axe
  • Sledge hammer
  • Boat hook (2)
  • Shovel
  • Prybar
  • Fire extinguisher (4)
  • Ration Packs (2)
  • Trade Pack (2)
  • 50m Rope (3)
  • Wetsuit (3)
  • Dry suit (2)
  • Dive gear; mask, snorkel, BCD, weight belt, etc.. (4)
  • Scuba tank (8)

Stored Small Arms Ammunition:

  • 4.6 × 30mm (500/cs) (3 cases)
  • .45 ACP (500/cs) (1 case)
  • 5.56 × 45mm (500/cs) (1 case)
  • 12 gauge (6 cases)

~ by Kalam Harkair on January 18, 2010.

4 Responses to ““Ska-ana Jáadaa””

  1. There’s no armor on it, at all, and 11 knots isn’t enough speed to screw up someone’s aim or outrun a badguy. You’ve got plenty of power, I’d say armor it up some, and add a second prop, at least, if you can speed it up.


  2. Is there an equipment inventory? I see a small raft/craft on the upper/back deck in the first picture which would ease my comment on the almost 6′ draft, preventing it from getting upriver/upstream in many places. From the description I can only assume it has an excellent sonar/etc array to avoid the numerous subsurface obstacles one would encounter. 8^)

    • Hey Kahu,
      Thanks for the comments. There will definitely be an equipment inventory (still working on it…) and SCUBA gear will most definitely be included on that list. I’m also going to expand the ‘Boat Cache’ some with the addition of another larger craft, a Cape class motor life boat, which is a lot smaller than the trawler and will be able to access areas that it can’t but is still large enough for a good sized team.

  3. Another query… since it’s designed for water ops, would there happen to be air supply for SCUBA tanks on board? 8^)

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