MLG 25 Light Naval Gun System

The MLG25 light naval gun system is designed especially for short-range self-defense of all types of warships and patrol boats against surface, air and shore targets. Combining a highly dynamic mount, precise fire control and the latest ammunition technology, it is perfect for engaging light, agile sea targets. The MLG25 can be integrated into all kinds of ships and boats with or without having to penetrate the deck. Moreover, its light, compact design means that it can be installed in a wide variety of locations on board. The system is remotely operated from a gunner control station. The mount is equipped with day and night vision sensors enabling automatic target tracking as well as manual control of the MLG25.

MLG 25 Light Naval Gun System

Type: single-barrel revolver cannon
Caliber: 25 x 137mm
Operation: revolver
Length: 2.31m
Weight (complete): 100kg
Rate of fire: 1700 rpm
Muzzle velocity: 1100 m/s
Projectile weight: 260g
Effective range: 3000m
Maximum range: 6800m

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25mm Frangible Ammuntion:

25 mm x 137 FAPDS-T cartridge

The Frangible APDS-T cartridge provides enhanced lethality and increased survivability for infantry fighting vehicles in air defense. Featuring improved on-target performance and low time of flight, the cartridge provides greater kill capability against maneuvering, multilayered targets such as fighter aircraft and helicopters. This round has a well-proven design and verified production processes (same as M791 APDS-T). Its low time of flight gives it a higher POH/POK than MP, SAPHEI, or HE rounds versus selected targets.

Height: 137mm
Weight: 260g
Muzzle Velocity: 1100 m/s
Chamber Pressure: 410 MPa
Trace: 2.2 sec
Dispersion: 0.30 x 0.30 mr
Time of Flight (2000m): 1.95 sec

~ by Kalam Harkair on January 18, 2010.

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